Monthly Archives: March 2019

Springing Ahead…

The beginning of a New Year starts with reviewing artists’ schedules and pitching for fill-in dates. Sending out Press Releases to media to promote a concert and community event is always ongoing. Check out my Facebook page for more up to date info on shows I am promoting!

Loretta Sawyer Acoustic Arts will be hosting the Uncorked showcase room at the SERFA (South East Region Folk Alliance) Conference in Chattanooga, TN May 16 & 17. Stay tuned for the schedule of amazing artists I will be presenting at this conference.

Mark Dvorak continues to have a full schedule which he balances between traveling to concerts, teaching, and performing for many community events. Loretta Sawyer Acoustic Arts provides press releases for his various performances and works on connecting him with new music venues to fill out his tour schedule.

Michael Johnathon has released two new projects, Dazed & Confuzed and Songs of Rural America. “The Statue” music video, a song about hate, violence and the symbols of racism in America, with Lesson plans available is from the Dazed & Confuzed: 21st Century Folksinger album. The Songs of Rural America¬†album was recorded live with the Ohio Valley Symphony orchestra and debuted as a TV event on RFD-TV on February 22nd.

Keep Springing ahead!