Happy New Year!

In the New Year… Loretta Sawyer Acoustic Arts will be working with various artists on press releases and promotion for concerts and special events and will provide select and custom CD distribution of new releases to folk radio.

Mark Dvorak will be releasing his new CD Let Love Go On in February 2020. The new release of great new material includes original songs by Mark and the song “Parade of Fools, Downtown” written by WVPE Folk DJ Al Kniola.

Michael Johnathon will be releasing his new CD Legacy in March 2020. The title song is described as being “The American Pie of the 21st Century,” It is an epic, original, 9-minute rocking journey through the world of music from Pete Seeger to Josh White, Joni Mitchell to the Kingston Trio, Dylan to Denver and more, in the context of a collapsing record business that all artists must struggle with. Legacy is an album of “derivatives”… original songs, original lyrics, original chord patterns but written and recorded to remind you of another song.

A big step forward for me was having Michael Johnathon read my book manuscript The Interview. He describes it as “a draft of a very fine new book in a music setting; the plot is very well thought out.” My goal was to have a novel published and many years ago I started writing for music magazines and newspapers covering music artists and events. I read in one of those “how to get published” books that it was good to have some sort of published work. I wrote lots of articles throughout the years. The novel idea was put aside. It was during several interviews with performers and attending different music events that I realized there was a need for publicity and promotion.

I then started Loretta Sawyer Agency/ Acoustic Arts. Aside from doing the publicity and promotion, one of my favorite things is going to Folk Alliance Regional Conferences and presenting artists in my late-night Uncorked showcase.

2020 marks the 25th anniversary of my first published article. So it would be epic for 2020 to be the year of my first published book. Will work on it 😉

I wish you much music, love and good health in 2020!